The WA Chihuahua Club Inc

The WA Chihuahua Club Inc was formed in 1969 by chihuahua enthusiasts as a social club. It conducted various social events and held its first members' competition in 1972. In 1980, the Club was incorporated and it was granted affiliation with the Canine Association of Western Australia (Inc.), now trading as Dogs West, in the same year. It holds chihuahua shows in April and September at the Dogs West grounds, corner Ranford and Warton Roads, Southern River. These shows provide an ideal opportunity for intending purchasers to see chihuahuas and to meet breeders.

For the dates and details of the Club's shows, please see the Show Schedules and Results section of this website, The WA Chihuahua Club Inc's Facebook page or any committee member, or check 
That site also has information about the various all breeds shows held throughout the year.

Please do not buy a "pet" quality chihuahua with which to breed. No breeders have one hundred percent success in breeding show dogs and it is usually those which they consider not suitable for breeding or for showing which they sell as pets. If you definitely want a show or breeding chihuahua or you think you would like to show or breed at a later date, tell the breeder. He or she will try to help with advice and will ensure you receive a Certified Pedigree on the Main Register properly transferred into your name. Otherwise, the dog will be registered on the Limited Register with Dogs West. It cannot be shown or bred but with the agreement of the breeder, may be upgraded to the Main Register later.

If you do want just a pet, you need only decide whether you prefer a long coat or a smooth coat, and a male or a female. Some people have a preference for a female but males make just as affectionate pets, sometimes more so, and often are more readily available than females.

State legislation requires that all dogs be microchipped prior to sale.

There are various books on chihuahuas available for purchase or to borrow from libraries. You can also search online for information and to view photographs of chihuahuas from around the world.

Chihuahua owners who would like to apply for membership of The WA Chihuahua Club Inc can complete the application form in the Join Us section
.  Subscriptions are Junior (16 years and under) $5.00, Pensioner $8.00, Single $12.00, Dual/Family $15.00.

Financial members may join the WA Chihuahua Club Members' Newsletter facebook page which provides information about shows and other Club activities, and news items.